HALMA, a great bhil tradition

It is a great Bheeli tradition alive amongs the Bhils since time immemorial. It is an ancient Bhil tradition which was invoked when a family had a problem but was not able to tackle it alone after having exhausted all the means. Then the family in need shall invite other families around to help it. Then many families would come together to help that family without any return. The tradition is an epitome of selflessness and a great showcase of community values of Bhils.

Reinventing Halma:

Solution to the biggest challenge for development was found in tradition. HALMA was reinvented to solve community problems. And now every year uncountable number of Halmas are invoked, sometime to plant village forest, sometime to even build a dam. Every year in the month of March whole of the Jhabua district responds to the call of Halma at the hill of Hathipawa. And to the amazement of everyone not less than 8000 people have turned up every year to work selflessly for the mother nature.

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