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2nd round of regional workshops were organised for Orientation of Participating Institutes to Initiate Work in Adopted Village Clusters in different regions of the country in collaboration with AICTE and UGC from 29th November 2018 to 28th February 2019 for 1144 Participating Institutions which have been selected in 2nd round (October 2018) under the UBA program . The aim of the workshops was to orient the newly joined institutions to bring holistic development in rural India inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India.

It had been decided that the regional workshops will be organised in different regions of the country i.e. East, West, North and South. It had been also decided that a team of dedicated faculty members and UBA project staffs of IIT Delhi would work together to organise these workshops and provide necessary guidelines to the participating institutes , Prof. V.K Vijay, Prof Vivek Kumar led North Zone workshops. Prof. P.M.V Subbarao & Prof Ram Chandra led to East Zone. Prof. Rajendra Prasad led to West Zone where as Prof. Nomesh Bolia, Prof Vivek Kumar & Prof. Priyanka Kaushal led the south zone workshops.

Following Key points were discussed in the workshops:

Regional workshop at IIT Delhi (29th November 2018)

IIT Delhi

The orientation programme comprised of 90 participants hailing from 69 different colleges of Delhi NCR and Haryana region. The delegates Lt. Col. Kailash Bansal Director (SDC) and Dr. Neetu Bhagat AICTE Delhi, Prof. V K Vijay, Prof Sriram Hegde, Prof Vivek Kumar and Prof Priynka Kaushal from IIT Delhi addressed different sessions of the workshop. Prof. V K Vijay introduced about mission and vision of UBA and elaborated about UBA2.0 and the responsibility of regional institutes. He also explained for the promotion of Sustainable Development in the villages of India & shared various examples of successful models of Integrated Village Development. Prof. Vivek Kumar presented the achievements made under UBA as well as the role of various funding agencies and corporate sectors in the development of villages. He also gave the detailed presentation that how one project implementing institute may get further grant released for undertaking the technology based projects under UBA. Lt. Col. Kailash Bansal Director (SDC) motivated the coordinator of Participating Institutions by giving the quote.

हमारा इरादा अपने संस्थान की क्षमता और बौद्धिक पूँजी का उपयोग करके, गाँव की दशा और दिशा को बल देना है ।

Regional workshop at IIT Madras (3rd December 2018)

IIT Madras

The orientation programme comprised of 130 participants hailing from 117 different colleges of Karnataka. The following delegates like Prof. Vivek Kumar (IIT Delhi), and Dr. Srinivasan, Joint Secretary Head, UGC, Western Region, Shri.Sabapathy NGO Bala Vikasa Social Service Society, Warangal, Shri. Vasudeo Gharpure of Green Rameswaram & Vivekananda Kendra, Rameswaram Dr. N. Unnamalai, of MCRC (Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre, Chennai), Dr.Dharez Ahamed, Director of Tamil Nadu Health Mission, and Prof.Jalihal, the principal co-ordinator UBA-IITM, addressing different sessions of the workshop.

Regional workshop at SVNIT Surat (4th December 2018)


The orientation programme comprised of 86 participants hailing from 35 different colleges of Gujarat and Rajasthan The following delegates Prof. Rajendra Prasad (IIT Delhi). Dr. Shweta Shah, Dr. K.D.Yadav , Dr. R.V.Rao, Incharge Director, SVNIT and Dr. N Gopukumar, Joint Secretary Head, UGC, Western Region, addressing different sessions of the workshop. Prof. Rajendra Prasad, Emeritus Professor of IIT- Delhi explained about the role of all the participating institutes and future targets of UBA and its importance for the upliftment of village areas. He also explained basic skills for effective participation in the holistic development of rural clusters. Dr. Ashish Ranjan Singh from IIT, Delhi gave a brief demonstration of Web Portal and ERP system of UBA and its role in further spreading the vision of UBA, in reducing the communication gap between stakeholders of UBA, quick resolution for problem solving, and importance of creating awareness among general public. Dr. K. D. Yadav, SVNIT discussed on Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) as a critical tool and technique for situation analysis at the villages. Dr. Krupesh A Chauhan, talked on funding and convergence possibilities of various central and state schemes along with various programs and CSR support with some local examples that can leverage the UBA and further strengthen its importance. Mr Jitesh R Soni, Organic Farming Expert talked about self-reliance of woman by indulging in various herbal medicines production that can boost their agricultural economy. Mr Ghanshyam Soni, I.R.S, Deputy Commission (Heera Bourse Custom.), Surat talked on ‘Swacch Melavaash Mission’ as to how within a small span of time, with help of villagers and gram-panchayat, successfully implemented and executed various programs like Green belt and Green wall for 2 km, installation of solar power house, CCTV’s, rain- water harvesting, etc... at Melavaash village (Rajasthan) and by taking help of villagers (reducing further labour cost) converted a dry village into an agricultural and technological adequate village.

Regional workshop at IIT Guwahati (5th December 2018)

IIT Guwahati

The orientation programme comprised of 39 participants hailing from 20 different colleges of Assam, Manipur, Megalaya, sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh. The following delegates like Prof. S K Kakoty, Prof. Gopal Das, Dean, R&D, IIT Guwahati and Mr.Avtar Singh, Under Secretary, UGC-North Eastern Regional Office, Prof. Subba Rao, Prof. Ram Chandra from IIT Delhi addressing different sessions of the workshop. Prof. Subba Rao emphasized on collaborative effort of both technical non-technical institutions for sustainable development of rural India, whereas Prof. Ram Chandra explained handling of web portal to participating institutes and replied to the queries of the participants for its use.

Regional workshop at NIRD & PR Hyderabad (06th December 2018)

NIRD & PR Hyderabad

The orientation programme comprised of 88 participants hailing from 58 different colleges of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana . The delegates like Prof. Nomesh Bolia, Prof. Priyanka Kaushal and Ms Meeta Bolia from IIT Delhi, Dr Gyanmudra, Professor and Head, CHRD NIRD& PR addressing different sessions of the workshop.

Regional workshop at Kerala Agricultural University (11th December 2018)

Kerala Agricultural University

The orientation programme comprised of 71 representatives hailing from 52 different colleges of Kerala. The delegates Prof. Priyanka Kaushal and Prof. Vivek Kumar from IIT Delhi, from IIT Delhi, Dr. Jiju P. Alex Director of Extension and Dr. R. Chandrababu Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Kerala Agricultural University addressing different sessions of the workshop. Dr. R. Chandrababu (Hon’ble Vice Chancellor) explained the importance of the economic and technological upliftment of rural areas and wished great success for the training programme.

Regional workshop at IIT Bombay (20th December 2018)

IIT Bombay

The orientation programme comprised of 130+ participants hailing from 72 different colleges of Maharashtra of Konkan, Pune and Nashik divisions. The delegates like Prof. Rajendra Prasad (IIT Delhi), Dr. N Gopukumar, Joint Secretary Head, UGC, Western Region, and Prof. Bakul Rao, Prof. Milind Sohoni from IIT Bombay addressing different sessions of the workshop.