Drinking Water For Villagers

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The villagers of Nambol, Manipur faces acute water crisis with unavailability of fresh water for the last several decades. Due to consumption of polluted pond water without any treatment, waterborne diseases are very common to the villagers. NIT-UBA Manipur team, after thorough survey, adopted the villages and selected feasible ponds for treatment. After rigorous research, NIT Manipur designed and constructed a low cost 9000 L water treatment plant based on roughing and biosand filter. The treatment plant, at present, serves at least 350 families & as far as 3 km.  Awareness workshops, seminars, surveys were held to coordinate and educate the use of the water plant and also reveal no side effects from the treated water. A second treatment plant was again constructed at another site and serves around 500 families of Maibam Chingmang Village. The villages finally enjoy high quality water at no cost near to their home.

After the good initiative work undertaken by NIT- UBA Manipur in the adopted villages, community volunteers, villagers and the neighbouring villagers requested NIT Manipur for more such water treatment plants. UBA-NIT Manipur, at present is planning and working on project proposals to funding agencies so as to construct such treatment plant at more remote and interior villages of Manipur.

Further, UBA- NIT Manipur is carrying out more studies with    MTech and PhD students to eliminate any loop holes in the present water treatment plant system, optimise the reactors and to enhance its efficiency with minimum maintenance.

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