Motorized paper creasing machine

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For making Ranchi city free from the plastic bags, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi has taken initiative to replace plastic bags by paper bags from garment shops, sweet shops and medical stores in the first phase. They have adopted Salhan village for making these bags. Difficulty arises while making the dimensions on paper to fold it and making proper crease takes more time and villagers are unable to make substantial number of bags. In order to solve this problem they have decided to develop motorised machine for folding and creasing properly.

Project coordinator of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Birla Institute of Technology has taken initiative to increase income of the villagers by technical interventions. Ranchi city has requirements of carry bags which will be fulfilled by adopted villages under UBA. At present paper bags in the city are being purchased from Delhi or Kolkata. They have decided to make one lakh paper bags per month of different dimensions by the villagers. In order to achieve this, they have decided to make a motorized paper creasing machine. Five shafts will be rotated utilizing a 0.5 HP motor with regulated speed and paper is pushed forward between the shafts, where the upper shaft has different spring loaded rollers with flattened edge to indent crease with the given set of dimensions. This way a 29×44 inch paper will get indentation for making the carry bags. After creasing operation is done, the villagers will fold it along the indented crease and paste it using glue material to produce finished paper bag which would be supplied in the market.

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