Online Campaigns, Quizzes and Competitions for COVID-19 Awareness by DCT’s Dhempe College of Arts & Science, Panaji-Goa

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No stone should be left unturned when it comes to COVID-19 Awareness. One such example was set up by DCT’s Dhempe College of Arts & Science, Panaji-Goa (a Participating Institute of UBA) which not just helped its adopted villages through various donations but also conducted various online activities during the lockdown period from March 2020-June 2020 to spread awareness among masses. Their ideas (featured below) can be helpful for many who want to help in any possible way while staying safe during this pandemic time.  

  1. The college conducted “Know Covid-19 for No Covid-19” online quiz for the panchayats of the adopted villages for which e-certificate was also given.
  1. The primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools in the above said Panchayatswhere informed about the details of virtual classes which are being broadcasted by Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR). The Principals of various schools were contacted and were informed by the email and WhatsApp.
  1. The college also created “WhatsApp group” including Sarpanch, Panch members and people from different work areas in the adopted villages to provide relevant and direct information regarding various steps taken by the government that can benefit the people of villages during this time.
  1. Short informative audio and videos were created by UBA members of the college on the following topics:
  •  Mask making
  •  Precautions against COVID-19
  •  Food adulterations
  •  Awareness on waste segregation
  •  Zuvem Heritage video
  •  Podcast on Pre-Portuguese History and Heritage of Goa.
  •  Talk on Goa Revolution day
  1. History and Biology online quiz for students of different schools were conducted and prizes were awarded. Also, e-certificate were given to students who secured more than 50%.
  1. Poster competition in association with Botany Department of the college was conducted for primary school students on the topic “Living in Harmony with nature” and for High School students on the topic “Lessons the Pandemic taught us.“ and prizes were awarded.
  1. Hand Sanitizers (1 liter) prepared by Dr Ashish Prabhugaonkar of Botany department was distributed in the Panchayats.

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