Rainwater Harvesting for Availability of Water Throughout the Year

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A drop of water, if it could write out its own history would explain the universe to us and showing the same dedication and understanding the sensitivity of the villagers of Palavangudi of Kallaa block in Sivaganga , the Alagappa Chettiar College  of Engg and Tech, Karaikudi did some marvelous job making the water to reach its way to the villagers and giving them an enchanting reward by doing rainwater harvesting and making the water available throughout the year.  The work of Alagappa Chettair College impressed the UBA. This village is covered by lakes like Kalachi Kanmai, Thirumeni Kanmai, Palavangudi Kanmai, Sengani Kanmai and Periyavatti Kanmai at all corners and there are three Ooranies like Sivan Temple pond, Nalla Thanni Oorani and Amman Kovil Oorani in the village. But this area is categorized as dry land region, rain water is only source for fresh water from which they are surviving and don’t have any river. So when there was raining, it was needed to store the water in these Ooranies for proper farming and drinking purposes. The water channels at water catchment are disappearing one by one due to encroaching of lands and insufficient rainfall. Hence village people are unable to store water for their use. This village was adopted by NSS unit of this college. NSS team identified various problems by conducting “Gramin Sabha” and village people approached us to identify the source and the pathways of the channels to these Ooranies and water catchment areas nearby. The Oorani was filled with rainwater during the first rain after dredging and removal of encroachments with the support of village people. All the three tanks are connected well with water channels in all water catchment areas at the Palavangudi village. This project offered a permanent solution for the rain water harvesting at the ponds and needs of the local village people. Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency and hard work following the same path the college is still working on the algae deposition and slit control by slope realignment through lining the cannels. To appreciate the work even media is not behind to play its role so, the  News published in the special edition article “YOJANA” July 2018 a monthly journal by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt.of India written by Mr.A.K. Dubey, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt.of India under the title “Involving Youth in Community Welfare” News in “Dinamalar” madurai edition on 06.08.2018.

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