Technological interventions for sustainable development

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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, a UBA team memeber, has done a marvellous work by converting the barren land of Kenthia village into cultivable land where different rice varieties (Hybrid BIO 799, Parvati, Badshabhog, Lalat etc.) are being cultivated using conventional and water saving SRI technology in rotation with high value, soil restoring crops (sweet corn, sesame, peanut, soyben, wheat and mustard) to increase the productivity and income of the farmers. Integrated nutrient management has been adopted for rice production with organic manure procured from the vermicompost beds installed in the village. Different Pre and post harvesting machines (Drum Seeder, Transplanter, Mechanical Weeder and Reaper cum Harvester) are also used. Farmers are contributing 50-60% of the production cost by providing labours at free of charge. At present, four crops are being cultivated in a year in rotation such as rice-wheat-mustard-sesame. Farmers’ income has been increased by more than double.


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