Training on household water treatment clay ceramic systems

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IIT Jodhpur has adopted five villages in the Bhopalgarh block of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan. From the surveys, it was clear that the Bhoplagarh block was having cases of water borne diseases for children and elders after consuming supply water provided at the villages and at locations which were not having pipes. IIT Jodhpur in the meantime had developed a clay ceramic water filter named G-Filter and had demonstrated capability in removal of E coli at the field levels. After coming to know about the filters from a workshop conducted by a local NGO which was helping IIT Jodhpur in technology dissemination, the potters raised an interest in learning the technology. They approached the Rudiya Panchayat Sarpanch in late 2017.

The potter was trained at IIT Jodhpur from Banad Villag. The moulding machine was also funded to them through an international funding named Alfred-Brown Fund at the Rupayan Sansthan. The potter Mr. Ruparam Prajapat is trying to performing trials of his G- filters at Rudiya village.

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