UBA Cell Miranda House Motivational Poem and other Initiatives During COVID’19 Lockdown

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As part of the efforts to help the villages Miranda House is engaging with, despite the pandemic and more so because of it, UBA Cell Miranda House undertook the following activities during the lockdown imposed since March’20.

1.Whatsapp Group To Provide Information Regarding Covid-19

With the purpose to share the requisite information with people of the villages concerned on topics like farmer guidelines and permissions, KVK advisories etc., a WhatsApp group was created. Apart from the UBA Coordinator from Miranda House for the respective villages, the group comprised of the village Pradhan, KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) representatives, farmers and senior and respectable people from the district, self-help groups and non-profit organizations(NGO). The group has ensured a flow of necessary information about schemes and guidelines released by WHO, Ayush, and government on COVID-19 so that people are aware about the prevalent situation (pandemic) and can ask for help or clear queries as and when they need it. For the same reason, the cell also curated and shared a list of counsellors to deal with the psychological impact of the lockdown/quarantine when the need arises.

List of Counsellors

2.Survey For Need-Based Assessment

Uncertain times like these impose additional difficulties, especially on the poor and rural populace of the nation, which can range from hunger and increased domestic violence to greater exposure to infection due to paucity of sufficient knowledge and unhygienic living conditions. To have a better understanding of the present requirements, know the degree of risk people are exposed to and how much aware they are about the infection and relief measures being provided by the government a questionnaire (in both Hindi and English) was circulated to be filled by the villagers. The survey questioned people on their knowledge about COVID-19, prevention from virus, whether they faced any violence, psychological effects of discrimination and how the education of their children was being managed etc.

3.Youtube Channel

Spreading information through engaging and comprehensive mediums becomes necessary given the possibility that some people have low literacy levels. UBA Cell, Miranda House created a youtube channel titled “MH UBA CELL COVID-19”. Until now, 5 videos have been uploaded on this channel raising awareness and giving information on COVID symptoms, prevention, immunity boosters and hygiene. The videos are mostly made in Hindi in accordance with the government and WHO guidelines/advisories. Student volunteers of UBA Cell create these videos and share it with the faculty. After a quality check, the videos are shared in the WhatsApp group and uploaded on youtube by Dr. Yasha.  

4.Making Masks

Student volunteers of UBA were requested to make a minimum of 10 home-made masks for distribution in the villages engaged as the people might not have access to it.

5.Poem And Posters

One of our faculty members from Department of Hindi, Miranda House, Dr. Renu Arora penned down a poem to raise awareness and guide people on preventive actions like washing hands, boosting immunity and staying positive during coronavirus pandemic. The poem was recited by Dr. Namrata Singh, a recording of which was shared on the WhatsApp group along with the written piece. Student volunteers prepared posters on Covid-19 for the visual and appealing spread of information. The poem along with one of the posters prepared can be found below.

POEM BY Dr. RENU ARORA, Department of Hindi, Miranda House; RECITED BY Dr. NAMRATA Singh…

कोरोना बनी है महामारी

ये संसार पर पड़ रही है भारी

हमारे देश में भी यह छा रही है

हम सबको बड़ा डरा रही है


लेकिन, हमें नहीं डरना है

समझदारी से इसका सामना करना है

घर के भीतर रहना है

मेल-जोल नहीं रखना है


हाथों को हर घंटे साबुन से अच्छे से धोना है,

घर को खुद को साफ़ -सुथरा रखना है।

ताजा गरम खाना खाना है

पानी को भी गुनगुना करके पीना है

सरदी खांसी से नहीं घबराना है


सांस भी जो फूले और जाड़ा साथ सताए,

तो तुरंत डॉक्टर के पास जाएँ

लक्षण अगर कोरोना के पाएँ

तो तुरंत अपनों से भी दूरी बनाएँ,

नाक-मुाँह को कपड़े से ढंककर रखें


एक से दूसरे को ये पकड़ता है

यदि एक दूसरे से नहीं मिलेगा तो

कोरोना अपनी मौत खुद मरेगा


फ़ैसला आपको करना है

समझ का दामन पकड़ना है

ज़िम्मेदार बनना है

खुद सतर्क रहकर

दूसरों को भी सजग करना है।।



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