UBA Cell SLIET: Tricycles, Artificial Limbs, Hearing Aids and Wheel Chairs provided to 219 Persons with Disabilities

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As a part of a special initiative to spread some positivity during the depressing time of lockdown, UBA Cell of Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology (SLIET) with the assistance of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Government of India), and Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), organised a camp for the persons with disabilities at the Longowal village.  

Prof. (Dr) Pardeep Kumar Jain (Coordinator, UBA, SLIET) briefed that as many as 219 people with various types of disabilities were benefitted with rehabilitation equipment aids including tricycles, hearing machines, artificial limbs, walking sticks and wheelchairs. 

Other Special Initiatives by UBA Cell SLIET Longowal during COVID’19 Lockdown are listed below

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell of SLIET Longowal, under the leadership of Director Prof. Shailendra Kumar Jain, UBA Coordinator Prof. Pardeep Kumar Jain and Co-coordinator Dr Manoj Goyal, also took other special initiatives for its seven adopted villages (Sheron, Lohakhera, Jharon, Killa bharian, Namol, Duggan and Badrukhan) during COVID-19 Lockdown period as well as two more villages nearby  – Longowal and Bahadarpur. Most of the activities were performed around Longowal because of the Lockdown and few other adjoining adopted villages. 

These activities were undertaken with the cooperation and in collaboration with Baba Farid Education and Welfare Society (Regd) at Longowal.

  1. Helping the old and sick persons with food and medicines.
  2. Reaching out to those who were living alone.
  3. Helping the migratory workforce and providing them food and other required products of daily use to stop the migration of the workforce.
  4.   Distribution of masks to sanitary workers, Doctors and police officials and other persons.
  5.   Awareness campaign to stay safe during this pandemic.
  6.   Distribution of stationery, books and school bags to the most underprivileged children.

Additionally, a total of 235 families were identified in the adopted villages and were given ration supplies. It was also informed to all the families that whosoever requires ration or any other product of necessity they can contact the UBA coordinators and immediate help will be provided.

Prof. Pardeep Kumar Jain (PI Coordinator, UBA Cell SLIET) contributed Rs. 16000 and one Quintal Wheat and Prof. Manoj Goyal (Co-Coordinator, UBA Cell SLIET) contributed Rs 11000 so far till the writing of this report. 

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Ration Distribution by SLIET
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