UBA Fights Against Corona: Design and Development of Sanitization chamber by Government Polytechnic Jhajjar

body sanitization chamber
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UBA Participating Institute Government Polytechnic Jhajjar is the first technical institute in Haryana State to design and develop a “Full-body sanitization chamber”. “The walk-through” enclosure is designed for personnel decontamination, one person at a time. This portable system is equipped with separate containers of sanitizer and soap dispenser. In order to help limit the spread of coronavirus in society, our technical institute decided to shoulder the technical partner’s responsibility in the State Government’s endeavour of fighting this pandemic. Government Polytechnic Jhajjar took upon itself, the task of developing equipment and technologies which will help in tackling COVID-19. It is a full-body sanitizing chamber meant to sanitize one person at a time, passing through it.

1.Sanitization Procedure

The decontamination is initiated by pressing a two-way switch at the entry (However, this institute has placed an order for automatic electronic sensor switch for doing so). On entering the chamber, sprinkler nozzles create a sanitizing mist of sanitizing solution. The mist spray is calibrated for the operation of 10 seconds and stops automatically indicating completion of the operation. As a precaution, the personnel undergoing disinfection need to keep their eyes closed while passing through the chamber.

2.Location of Deployment

Sanitization chambers fabricated by Government Polytechnic Jhajjar are now deployed at Civil Hospital, Jhajjar and Bhiwani, Mini Secretariat Jhajjar and Bhiwani, and SP Office Jhajjar.  Due to its effectiveness and low cost at the same time, further requests have been received from SHO Jhajjar, SDM Beri and CMO Jhajjar to supply 9 more such sanitizing chambers.

3.Design features of sanitization chamber

  1. The system is designed within a short span of days with indigenous materials easily available in the market.
  2. The shape of the chamber is like a walking tunnel, with length and height of 7 feet x 4 feet for easy movement and at the same time complete effectiveness (no wastage) of the mist of sanitizing solution.
  3. To create a mist of sanitizing solution 3+4 sprayer nozzles are fixed on the top sidewalls of the chamber. These are 3 on one side and 4 on the other side.
  4. A 12 volts DC battery is used to supply the current to the pump for transferring the sanitizing solution from the tank to the sprays. A fully charged battery is supposed to sanitize 300 persons.
  5. The system is equipped with soap solution and sanitizer and when triggered, it creates a mist of sanitizing solution to sanitize the personnel.
  6. The chamber is fitted with tanks having a total capacity of 50 liters.
  7. It has non-reactive transparent, fibre panels on the sidewalls and on the rooftop of the chamber.
  8. To foresee the need for functioning of the sanitizing chamber at night, it has also been fitted with lights.

4.Best effective location of Sanitization chambers

The chamber can be placed at the entry and exit points of sensitive places like hospitals, Mini Secretariat or any Public dealing office buildings to sanitize the personnel and avoid the spread of coronavirus. The probable cost of this equipment is approx ₹15000, depending upon the requirement of automation of the process. Only sanitization chamber have been fabricated in the institute the sanitization chemical or material will be administered by CMO or Health Deptt.

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  1. I would like to know which disinfectant product is being used, if it is authorized to be used on people and what is the reason for dilution? I am curious to know if there is technical proof of the efficiency of this tunnel. I am waiting for more information.

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