Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, IIT Delhi Vrindavan Cluster

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Antah Prerna: Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), IIT Delhi team, along with the education team of Vision India Foundation, has been working in 24 government schools across 10 villages in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. As part of the work, 12 interventions have been designed namely 1) Antahprerna, 2) Sanmati, 3) Utkarsh, 4) Adhyayan Samvad Kendra, 5) Kahani Ke Beetey Din, 6) Vimarsh, 7) Sambhavna, 8) Abhyas for Maths, English, 9) Gaurav, 10) Rahi, 11) Vivek Vigyan Utsav, and 12) Saathi. They cater to all the three key stakeholders in education: teachers, parents and children by providing them holistic and quality education.

The First Antah Prerna program successfully conducted a teacher training workshop on the 8th of February with the principals and teachers of these 24 schools on “Understanding Education and Role Awareness through the self”. The workshop was spearheaded by the Director, India Council for Integral Education (an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society), Shri Shiva Kumar and Sushri Nandita Bose (Principal, Auro Navakriti School, New Delhi), Prof. Nomesh Bolia, Prof. Vivek Kumar and the team UBA, IIT Delhi. It was facilitated by the education team of Vision India Foundation, Shri Shyam Pandey – Principal, Parmeshvari Devi Dhanuka Vidyalaya, Vrindavan and Shri Sanjeev Singh – Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Mathura Janpad, and attended by 18 Principals and 16 Teachers.

Second Antah Prerna program was conducted from 13th– 16th Feb. 2019. This workshop was taken by Shri. Sreepathi Reddy from Vandematram Foundation, Telangana.

Antaram‘ – 2 Day Education Conference

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, IIT Delhi in collaboration with Bharat Vikas Nyas and VIF organized a 2-day conference on education at IIT Delhi called ‘Antaram – a meaningful pause for solutions in education’. Antaram featured leading educationists, thinkers, practitioners, representatives of visionary schools across India, grass-roots leaders – teachers, principals, civil society representatives, education-entrepreneurs, change-makers from Central and State Governments. Conference was successfully organised at IIT Delhi on 9th and 10th June 2018.

Vivek Vigyan Utsav: In the month of June 2018, first Vivek Vigyan Utsav was organized in collaboration with Parmeshvari Dehenuka Vidyalaya. In the utsav students presented science models and charts. 130 plus students and dignitaries attended the Utsav.

Adhyayan Samvad Kendra: This Kendra is basically an after school learning center for generating curiosity and making knowledge accessible in villages. First Kendra was established in Narayanpur Village in the month of March. 2018. The daily footfall in the Kendra is 120+ kids approx. The Kendra is running successfully and in the month of August 2018 the Kendra was owned by village local peoples.

The second Kendra was established in the month of Oct. 2018 in Darve Village Gram Panchayat with 50+ students.

Raahi: Raahi is a travel based program. Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 3 edition of Raahi program was successfully conducted. First Raahi yatra was held in the Month of May 2018 with 65 students, Second Raahi yatra was conducted in the month of September 2018 with 120 students. Thired Raahi yatra was conducted in the month of Nov. 2018 with 100+ students.

Saathi: Saathi an intervention designed to support primary infrastructural needs of Government Schools for effective learning through community. Under this intervention 12 government schools were painted on the BALA (Building as a learning aid) concept. Libraries were setup in 12 Government School with a set of 400+ Books in each library on the occasion of Republic day.

Vimarsh: An intervention to regular interaction with local communities and parents to receive and share feedback and support from the community. Discussions were conducted in the month of October and Nov. 2018 in the cluster villages with Gram Pradhan and locals residents.

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