Unnat Bharat Abhiyan revved up to fight against CoronaVirus through Sanitizer Making and Distribution

fight against CoronaVirus, Sanitizer Making, , IIT Delhi hand sanitizer formula
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With the outbreak of CoronaVirus pandemic and assessing the need of the hour, IIT Delhi (National Coordinating Institute, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan) sensitized all the higher education institutions engaged with the program to stop all the regular field activities related to UBA at once and aware the people, communities, and groups only through online or social media platforms.

As another important measure, IIT Delhi has come up with the formula for making Hand Sanitizer as per the WHO parameters. The alcohol-based hand sanitizer formula has been prepared by the Department of Chemistry, IIT Delhi and also shared with all the Participating Institutions.

Formula by IIT Delhi for making Hand Sanitizer as per the WHO parameters

The formulation contains three chemicals along with Aloe Vera and the major component is isopropyl alcohol (around 75%).

“Commercially available alcohol rub sanitizers containing at least 70% alcohol and are known to kill microorganisms on hands within 30 seconds to one minute after application”.

 There are several recipes available on the web. We are sharing the one which IIT Delhi suggests for making this need-based solution:

Here is our recipe (By Volume): (i.e. for 100 mL: 80mL Isopropyl alcohol+15mL Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) + 5 mL Aloe Vera extract*)

Isopropyl alcohol (Absolute/100%): 80%,

Hydrogen Peroxide (30%): 15%,

Aloe Vera juice extract (See below): 5%

*Aloe Vera extract: [Extract the pulp from the Aloe Vera leaves by splitting the leaf lengthwise and separate into two halves. Remove the viscous pulp with a spatula and collect it in a measured vessel. To the pulp obtained, add an equal volume of distilled water.

Run the above slurry in a blender, to homogenize. Filter (preferably Vacuum) the resultant suspension through a fine mesh cheesecloth to remove extraneous plant material to OBTAIN A CLEAR TRANSPARENT solution.]

It goes without saying that ALL glassware used MUST be detergent cleaned, rinsed with distilled water and then dried.

Mix all three components, in a specified ratio, and stir well. (We use magnetic stirrers and do batches of 5 L at a time.)We then bottle individual containers (200 mL) from a 20 L dispenser.

Ideally, this sanitizer formulation should be packaged in SPRAY bottles and not lotion dispensers.

The mist produced by spray bottles is most effective for skin coverage and also minimizes wastage of the formulation.

The following label MUST be affixed on each container –





IIT Delhi is National Coordinating Institute (NCI) for UBA and therefore NCI is cooperating with PIs in this regard.

Just before the Nationwide Lockdown to avoid spreading of CoronaVirus, National Coordinating Institute for UBA, IIT Delhi, received many stories from the Participating Institutions (PIs) that prepared and distributed hand sanitizers in the hospitals, government bodies, police stations and general public. Some of the stories are featured below –

1. The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM) made hand sanitizers for the health department of Govt of Kerala, Taluk Hospital, Fire Station and Police Station, Vithura to fight against COVID-19.

fight against CoronaVirus, Sanitizer Making, , IIT Delhi hand sanitizer formula

2. VijaygarhJyotish Ray College, Kolkata prepared hand sanitizers according to the above-mentioned formulation and distributed in the locality. The initiative was arranged Monday, 23.03.2020.

3. In this critical situation, when there is a scarcity of hand sanitizers in the market, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Brainware University, Barasat, West Bengal took the initiative to prepare hand sanitizers to protect its staff and students from the Coronavirus. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology prepared 100 litres of hand sanitizer. The #handsanitizer is being used at the entrance of the University, the hostel, the washrooms, the Canteen and the Food Court. By preparing hand sanitizers, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology has taken the responsibility of the health and hygiene of their staff and students.

4. It is only the passion of serving the nation in this need of hour which is driving many UBA volunteers to make sanitizers at home during the lockdown. One such story comes from the UBA Coordinator of Participating Institute Sree Kavitha Engineering College, Khammam, Telangana who is developing hand sanitizers for the institute’s adopted villages and will distribute them once the national lockdown is over.

5. One student from Narula Institute of Technology along with his team has developed a prototype version of self-sanitized gloves that can drastically curtail the Corona virus spread. These gloves are being medically tested for the usage.

6. NIT Jamshedpur in the capacity of RCI take an initiative through all its PIs, they are generating awareness among public to translate all available resources in Regional Languages and also playing radio jingles in regional language.

There are many such stories coming from across the UBA Participating Institutions across the nation that will encourage how we all together can fight against Coronavirus.

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