Woman Empowerment to uplift the society and bring a change in the village

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Woman must not accept, she must challenge. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her, she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression. The tool of real development was taken care by the Fatima College and the impossible work was done by them by making the women empower by using the tool of awareness programs. The beyond measure and beautiful work of making yellow and jute bags made them the evolving entrepreneur and made them economically powerful and hence developing them into the society changer.

We need women at all top levels and when the level goes from home to reshape their leisure time into the voice that can be heard by not only cooking the food and maintaining household affairs but also supporting the family through being the real architects of society. They not only helped the women but also did a lot of awareness programs which made positive changes, the positive changes of the project on the community have arisen due to the intervention of UBA. The stake holders committees were formed comprising of school teachers, nurses, VAO, Balwadis teachers, health inspectors, women and children etc., this stake holders formation enabled in effective implementation of problem identification and response to it.

Summer Internship programme: The students were enabled to share their talents with their neighbourhood community through Summer Internship. Formation of Children: Special focus was given to village children by our students and faculty members. Children’s day, summer camps were organized in order to bring out their latent talent and revoke their leadership skills and increase their active participation, significant days at both national and international levels were observed to inculcate patriotism among the school children. Impact of the programme was very effective for all age groups namely for children. The tutoring made the students to enhance effective and easy learning. Value education classes made them to understand the significance of values, respect the elders and help them at the times of need. It’s not the just the computer literacy but its equivalent to human literacy as per todays scenario and keeping that in mind the Fatima college makes the children to be familiar with computer and its operations and we value the lifelong learning they gave by empowering the children and women to build up a strong society and hence developing the five village Kondayampatti,Thirumalnatham, Nedungulam, Vadugapatti and Ambalathadiunder.




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