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Serial No. Participating Institutes Report Description State Report
1 The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Agartala (Id: U-0494) 1. Preparation of Hand Sanitizer by Department of Chemistry, ICFAI University Tripura for distribution among the staff and the local people free of cost, to avoid hardship for scarcity of the same. 2. Department of Special Education also encouraged online education among the children. 3. Students were also given advice on Hygiene and Social Distancing as per Government of India. Tripura IUT COVID19 Activity Report.pdf
2 College Of Engineering And Management, Kolaghat 107 (Id: C-6270) The UBA Team of College Of Engineering And Management, Kolaghat distributed emergency food rations to one of its adopted villages, Mihitikri due to COVID-19 situation. West Bengal Foodgrain distribution.pdf
3 Vinayaka Mission`S College Of Nursing Distribution of food materials Puducherry COVID 19 Rice Distribution.pdf
4 Abes Engineering College, Ghaziabad (Id: C-46112) 1. Identified the food requirement in UBA_ABES villages, received approval for distributing 50 food supply kits consisting 10kg wheat, sanitizers and other daily essential costing around Rs. 600/- to Rs. 650/- each. 2. Distribution of food supply to poor villagers of adopted villages under "KOI BHUKHA NA SOYE" campaign. 3. Created awareness on COVID-19 in adopted villages. Uttar Pradesh UBA Village Covid-19 Report.pdf
5 Girijananda Chowdhury Institute Of Pharmaceutical Science (Id: C-54626) The student volunteers of NSS unit of Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Pharmaceutical Science are engaged in various activities on Covid-19 awareness. GIPS is involved in the distribution of food items and other essential commodities for the people of adopted villages. Assam template_for_covid-19_activity_report UBA-pdf.pdf
6 Coimbatore Institute Of Technology (Id: C-36969) Supported Periyakalandai village by contributing an amount of Rs 3000/- to provide sanitizing (Kapasurana Kudineer) facilities. Tamil Nadu UBA covid Relief fund Periyakalenthai.pdf
7 Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai (Id: U-0331) 1. Conducted COVID-19 Awareness programme in UBA adopted villages. 2. Sanitizer Distribution in UBA adopted villages. 3. Conducted Hand Wash Practice Awareness in UBA villages ZP School (Before Lockdown). 4. Conducted Mask use practice awareness in TISS TC. 5. Coronavirus awareness in TISS Tuljapur Maharashtra UBA COVID - 19 REPORT...pdf
8 Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, Madurai (Id: C-26794) 1. The UBA team of Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, Madurai conducted Personal hygiene programme on How to wash hands properly and regularly from 10/03/2020 - 12/03/2020. 2. COVID-19 Awareness program-Online Quiz was also organised by UBA & TCE on 07/05/2020 in which 10826 students participated (7413 - Received Certificates). Tamil Nadu THIGARAJAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, MADURAI C-26749.pdf
9 Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology (Id: C-25024) Distributed 100 face masks to nomadic people. Tamil Nadu IMG_20200510_104224.jpg
10 Miranda House (Id: C-6355) Proposal for Mask Making Entrepreneurship: Starting a home-made mask-making venture in village Burari. This venture can help the women ease the financial hardship that they have been facing. It could also help families engage in an activity which all members of the family can contribute to and supplement the household income. This small initial venture could also work as a sorting mechanism to find out motivation levels among the residents to engage in income-generating work. This would not only give the residents employment in the short-term but would help in forming the channels which can then be used to get them engaged in bigger projects. Nct Of Delhi Proposal For Mask- Making Entrepreneurship.pdf
11 IISER Thiruvananthapuram 1. Created awareness posters. 2. Hand sanitiser production and distribution. 3. Supply of essential food grains. 4. Provided food kits to the people of Bonacaud Kerala PI - IISER Thiruvananthapuram.pdf
12 Coimbatore Institute Of Technology (Id: C-36969) 1. Created an awareness by circulating WhatsApp messages instantiating the Government’s advice to stay fit. 2. Links for textbooks for students were circulated to engage students during the lockdown period. 3. e-newspapers were sent through WhatsApp group to the villagers to update them about virus spread and safety measures for health and hygiene. Tamil Nadu SENJERI AYYAMPALAYM Covid 19 Activity 1.pdf
13 GUJARAT VIDYAPITH 1. Conducted Online general awareness competitions related to Coronavirus and its prevention. 7303 participants were given certificates of participation. 2. Awareness created through social media platforms regarding downloading Arogya Setu app, use of masks, sanitizers, and handwash. 3. Conducted competition for students on technology optimization. 126 participants were given certificates for this competition. Gujarat 20200508_100349.jpg
14 Coimbatore Institute Of Technology (Id: C-36969) 1. Regular contacting and updating the villagers of the adopted village Vadavedampatti regarding how to conduct agriculture activities during lockdown. 2. Creating awareness on COVID-19 through social media. 3. Villagers were asked to download Aargoya Setu app and informed to use face mask and hand sanitizer Tamil Nadu Vadavedampatti COVID-19 Activities.pdf
15 GUJARAT VIDYAPITH Covid-19 and ICT Awareness and Ground level work by students Gujarat Screenshot_20200507-083738_Photos.jpg
16 NIT Agartala 1. Distributed masks in Kamanmura village, in the month of April. 2. Conducted village survey on challenges faced by people during COVID-19 lockdown. 3. Distributed handwash to village people . 4. Distributed essential commodities in Kamanmura village, in the month of April. Tripura NIT Agartala(PI) covid-19 activity report.pdf
17 Tadipatri Engineering College, Tadipatri (Id: C-26884) 1. The Chairman of our Tadipatri Engineering College, Mr. K. Ramesh Reddy, along with the UBA team visited adopted villages on 24th April 2020. The sanitisation work was carried out in these adopted villages during early morning hours with due permission from administration to prevent spreading of coronavirus. The activity was carried out in streets of Tadipatri town, Yerragunta palli (V), Ramesh Reddy colony(V), Challavari Palli(V), Gannevari Palli(V). 2. Sanitation works were also conducted in the needy areas. Andhra Pradesh Report 2-converted.pdf
18 I.P.E.M. Law College A-13/1, South Of G.T. Road, Industrial Area, Delhi-Hapur Bypass, National Highway-24, Ghaziabad, Ph. No- 741189, 721633 (Id: C-28562) 1. Awareness drive on pandemic COVID 19 is going on by our team of UBA. 2. Creating and sharing videos on social media regarding awareness and prevention against COVID 19. We are also trying to educate villagers for minor things like social distancing, benefits of covering their face and washing hands and using soap. 3. Distributed ration kits for the lockdown affected villagers. Many more steps will be taken in coming days of hardship. Uttar Pradesh UBA Report pdf.pdf
19 Government General Degree College, Ranibandh (Id: C-53264) 1. Distributed Food Essential kits including Rice, Potato, Oil, Salt to the needy people of adopted villages. 2. Created awareness through Whatsapp groups of the villagers. West Bengal Covid-19_activity_report.pdf
20 Debra Thana Sahid Kshudiram Smriti Mahavidyalaya (Id: C-19090) 1. Informed all students about Aarogya Setu App through bulk SMS, official Facebook, college departmental WhatsApp group and website. 2. Awareness regarding Social Distancing. Informed all students through Bulk SMS, official Facebook and college departmental WhatsApp group and website. 3. Display of posters and handbill distribution before lockdown in the locality. 4. Contributed some foods to villagers in adopted villages. 5. Counseling helps line for mental health and well-being. Send Bulk SMS to all students through software, official Facebook and college departmental WhatsApp group and website. WEST BENGAL Brief report of UBA activities regarding Covid-19 virus (C-19090).pdf
21 Guru Nanak College for Girls, Muktsar (Id: C-31050) 1. COVID-19 awareness campaign organised in Sri Muktsar Sahib. 2. Distributed cotton masks to the residents of Basti Nanakpur. Punjab UBA (COVID-19 An Awareness Compaign).pdf
22 Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Engineering College, Shegaon. 1. The UBA team distributed food articles to the villagers of adopted villages. 2. Provided help to Divyang persons and information on how they can tackle with the pandemic. 3. SSGMCE has generously contributed to the CM relief fund to support the fight against Covid19. 4. SSGMCE organised an event to raise awareness about the deadly coronavirus and its preventative measures. 5. Students created Posters and videos to spread awareness about the preventive measures for Covid-19 and increasing immunity. 6. Created a dedicated WhatsApp group for the farmers of five adopted villages for any kind of support (such as weather forecast, harvesting mechanisms and time frame, availability of seeds etc.) and the group involves participation from various stakeholders such as Pradhans/Sarpanchs, farmers, Scientists/Experts farmers, Scientists/Experts from Krishi Vigyan Kendras. Maharashtra UNB-SSGMCE-42835-COVID 19 PDF.pdf
23 Mallabhum Institute Of Technology 158 (Id: C-6265) 1. Distributed food articles (Rice, Dal, Oil, Soybean, Potato, and Soap) in the five villages near our Institute on dt-08/04/2020. We have donated above food articles among the more than 200 nos poor families in the villages of Kamarpukur, Gopalpur, Gosainpur, Madhabpur, and Domdoma in Bishnupur Block, District Bankura, West Bengal. West Bengal Template of UBA 022.pdf
24 Brainware University (Id: U-0846) 1. Awareness through Digital Medium to Maintain Social Distancing. 2. Quarantine Centre – Moral Responsibility of Brainware University West Bengal APRIL_2020_BWU_UBA MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT .pdf
25 Bankura Unnayani Institute Of Engineering 105 (Id: C-6211) 1. Bankura Unnayani Institute of Engineering distributed some food items among people of our UBA adopted villages on April 30, 2020. Food items were distributed by the Principal, Chairman (Board of Governors) and other members inside our Institute campus. 2. On 20th April 2020, the college team distributed food kits at its UBA adopted village Nandigram where each family were given 3 kg Rice, 2 kg Potatoes, 500 gm pulses & Cash Rs. 50/- West Bengal UBA report.pdf
26 Narula Institute Of Technology 127 (Id: C-6257) 1. The UBA team created COVID 19 awareness in villages through different poster and video presentations. 2. Distributed 250 hand-made masks made by students and staff members, 50 litres sanitizer, 50 litres liquid hand soap and 100 litres of phenyl in adopted villages. 3. Fed poor and needy people. Distributed 500 food packets consisting of groceries and vegetable distributed to the village till date. West Bengal NiT covid-19 activity report latest.pdf
27 St.Xavier`s College, Palayamkottai (Id: C-41173) 1. Conducted COVID 19 Awareness programs in the college and adopted villages in March 2019 before the spread of the disease in India. 2. Whats app group is created to help the people of the adopted villages. 3. Cloth masks were prepared by our students and were distributed to the public. 4. Herbal drink was given to the people in the adopted villages to improve their immunity. 5. Groceries and food were given to the poor and the physically challenged people Tamil Nadu Corona Activities TamilNadu AISHE CODE C-41173-converted.pdf
28 S J B Institute Of Technology, Bangalore (Id: C-1271) 1. Nirmalananda Swamij donated Rs. 50,00,000 to the Government for COVID-19. 2. Online Mentoring of students by Faculty members. 3. Food distribution in adopted villages. 4. 15 students from our college from CS,IS, MECHANICAL are voluntarily working in the government war room and supporting government in COVID-19. 5. Provided food to stray animals and created awareness among masses to take care of them as well during this time of crisis. Karnataka Report_on_Covid-19 SJBIT, BENGALURU.pdf
29 Guru Gobind Singh College For Women , Sector-26 (Id: C-29344) GGSCW COVID19 awareness powerpoint presentation circulated in the adopted villages to sensitize the villagers for handling the crisis situation. Chandigarh GGSCW-COVID19.pdf
30 Guru Gobind Singh College For Women , Sector-26 (Id: C-29344) GGSCW COVID19 Report. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Defeat COVID19 Chandigarh GGSCW covid-19 activity report.pdf
31 ALL INDIA SHRI SHIVAJI MEMORIAL SOCIETY'S INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Id: C-41410) To bring control and co-ordination in NGOs, organisations and to stop wastage of food, we came up with a device that’ll help to identify hungry people during this pandemic. It will surely help to minimize death rate due to hunger at a large scale. This will also educate people about why hunger is still a crisis till date and how every citizen can help minimize it. Maharashtra proposal_final-1.pdf
32 SRI SATYA SAI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY & MEDICAL SCIENCES, SEHORE (Id: U-0728) 1.Conducted online training programme to provide immunity-boosting information as per the norms described by the Ministry of AYUSH. 2. Formation of COVID combat team including 1 Doctor, Paramedical, 1 Driver & 1 Assistant. 3. Distribution of Ars. Alb. (30 each) to every migrant’s home. Madhya Pradesh CV19.pdf
33 Sarada Krishna Homoeopathy Medical College (Inst. Code - 207), Kannyakumari (Id: C-45616) 1. Creating awareness on COVID-19 preventive measures by following the guidelines of central and state government. 2. Distribution of Homeopathic preventive Immune boosters in the adopted villages. 3. The collegiate hospital is providing general Homoeopathic health care to public and creating awareness on how to stay safe from Coronavirus. Tamil Nadu COVID-19 Activity Report.pdf
34 Padmasri Dr. B.V Raju Institute Of Technology (Id: C-19569) 1. Distribution of Sanitizers and Masks to Narsapur Police Staff. 2. Distribution of Rice, Dal and Vegetables to Sanitation workers at Narsapur and Ramachandrapur Villages, and migrated workers from Bihar. 3. Created awareness on social distancing in adopted villages. Telangana BVRIT Covid-19 Activity Report-compressed.pdf
35 S.R.M. Institute Of Science & Technology, Chennai (Id: U-0473) 1. The Founder Chancellor of SRM Group, Dr.T.R. Paarivendhar, MP of Lok Sabha, donated Rs. 1.15 Crores to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund for COVID19. 2. Separate Isolation wards with 100 beds for the COVID19 patients, 200 members quarantine wards for suspected patients set up at SRM hospital. 3. Fablab SRMIST developed 3D printed face shield for Healthcare workers. 4. Self - Assessment App created by SRM students to identify the symptoms of COVID19. 5. Fablab-SRM designed Automated AMBU machine to assist ventilation for SRM Hospital. 6. 18 Grocery items provided to 1000 households in SRM adopted villages by SRMIST in the presence of Chengalpattu district collector. 7. Ms. Anju and Dr. P.Keerthi, Project Associates of UBA SRMIST gave awareness speech on COVID19 which is being telecasting in SRM FM Muthucharam. Tamil Nadu covid-19 activity report_ SRMIST (U-0473).pdf
36 Institute of Technology and Management, Opp Sitholi Railway Station NH 75, Jhansi Road, Gwalior 474 UBA ITM GOI did - 1) Online awareness campaign by the poster presentation to all villagers of adopted villages. 2. Distribution of 250 food packets every day in the villages 3. Created special group for COVID-19 issues. 4. Home made masks distribution in the adopted villages. Madhya Pradesh IMG_20200422_202521_074.jpg
37 St. Xavier`S College (Id: C-11881) Relief operation undertaken by the St. Xavier's College, Kolkata. West Bengal COVID 19 Relief operations Report St. Xavier's Collage, Kolkata - 28.04.2020.pdf
38 VAIGAI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Id: C-48272) Vaigai College of Engineering, Madurai carried out activities to provide free food to 2000 cops daily. The institute also made Sanitizer Unit for Madurai Corporation. Tamil Nadu IMG-20200422-WA0017 (1).jpg
39 Aalim Muhammed Salegh College Of Engineering 1. Created awareness of COVID -19 virus among Hostel students by distributing Nilavembu kasayam for 3 days (07.02.2020 - 09.02.2020) to 600 Hostel Students. 2. Novel Coronavirus campaign was conducted on 10.02.2020 in the College. 3. Coronavirus Awareness programme and demonstration of Handwashing Technique to School students of the adopted villages on 04.03.2020. 4. Important COVID -19 precaution banners were displayed in 6 places including in the college main gate for public awareness. Tamil Nadu c-16533 amsce1.pdf
40 Tezpur University, Tezpur (Id: U-0056) 1. Created awareness banners in local language as approved by WHO / NHM Assam. 2. Created WhatsApp group during the lockdown period to stay in touch with the villagers. 3. Relief materials provided to the needy villagers. Assam UBA_Tezpur University_COVID19_Report_April_20-converted.pdf
41 NIT Jamshedpur 1. Mask Distribution to vegetable sellers, police officers, police thanas, gram panchayats of adopted villages. 2. Created Special Whatsapp groups for PIs, Aspirational Districts, COVID 19 Application. Jharkhand Covid-19 Report_NIT Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.pdf
42 Chevalier T Thomas Elizabeth College For Women (Id: C-44011) 1. COVID 19 awareness and free meal distribution to Irula tribal children at Thirukandalam village through Sevalaya NGO and Hyundai Glovis Company CSR. More than 150 Irula families in Annanagar hamlet are benefitted with this. 2. Created KVK Group on Whatsapp to provide genuine information related to COVID-19 to farmers and villagers. Tamil Nadu COVID19 Report CTTE College for Women C-44-11.pdf
43 G L Bajaj Institute Of Management And Research (Id: C-57948) 1. Developed poster on downloading Arogya Setu App as a mandatory and spread awareness on social media platforms. As a result all students and faculty members of the institute have downloaded the app. Uttar Pradesh 93491211_3061320560554830_5628402333277749248_o.jpg
44 RTC Institute of Technology, Anandi, Ormanjhi, Ranchi 1. Spread social awareness on COVID19 using social media & special WhatsApp group. 2. Circulated UBA poster available with us in villages through WhatsApp. 3. Circulated advisory guidelines for farmers in this lockdown given by our Prime Minister and KVK. 4. Regular Meeting With RCI [ NIT Jamshedpur, Jharkhand] Jharkhand covid-19 report [C-43267].pdf
45 Narasu`S Sarathy Institute Of Technology Narasu's Sarathy Institute of Technology,Salem design posters for COVID-19 Awareness Tamil Nadu NSIT-COVID AWARENESS.jpeg
46 Agricultural Development Trusts College Of Agriculture, Baramati (Id: C-50693) 1. Created special WhatsApp groups for adopted villages to provide information related to COVID 19 and advisories issued by the government. 2. Zoom meeting to provide guidance to farmers. Maharashtra coab uba report covid 19.pdf
47 Sanmati College of Engineering, Sawargaon Barade, Washim (Id: C-42896) 1. COVID 19 awareness and safety related message is posted through various social media platforms by our students. 2. Precautionary measures of COVID19, and agriculture information by KVK members is being provided to adopted villages through special WhatsApp group. MAHARASHTRA covid-19 activity report SEC.doc.pdf
48 Brainware University (Id: U-0846) 1. Sanitizers formation and distribution among society. 2. Awareness in adopted villages through Whatsapp group of Brainware University West Bengal BWU covid-19 activity report.pdf
49 College of Engineering & Technology, Akola Spraying of Disinfectant in Hiwara Korde, Distribution of sanitizer to villagers, Awareness on Covid-19 Maharashtra one page reoprt pdf.pdf
50 Mata Gujari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Marhatal, Jabalpur (Id: C-33451) Explained safety measures regarding coronavirus to villagers, provided essential items to adopted villages during this crisis. The students carried awareness programmes through the medium of paintings, posters, songs and other creative ideas regarding the use of mask, sanitizer, hand wash and social distancing. Madhya Pradesh UBA COVID 19 ACTIVITIE REPORT .pdf
51 Shyam Lal College SLC COVID-19 Reponse Report Uttar Pradesh UBA SLC Covid-19 Response Report.pdf
52 Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Vishwa Mahavidyalaya, Kancheepuram (Id: U-0477) Various activities were undertaken to create awareness on COVID-19 among students. Posters related to safety procedures, videos ( awareness message in different languages) were also circulated. Our alumni have made significant contribution by supplying essential items to more than 500 needy people in TS & AP states. Tamil Nadu U-0477 UBA SCSVMV TN COVID ACTIVITY REPORT.pdf
53 Laxmi Institute Of Technology, Valsad 086 (Id: C-308) Vadasagal village women cell in support with UBA PI Coordinator spread awareness on COVID 19 and distributed free masks to villagers. Sanitization of buildings, homes and village roads initiated. Gujarat Work for covid-19 activity report at UBA adopted Village vadasangal.pdf
54 Shri Shivaji College, Vasmat Road, Parbhani (Id: C-7371) The UBA cell carried out Awareness campaign in adopted villages Hingla, Wadi Damai, Jangamwadi, Sayala Khating and Ithalapur in to help maintain the mental and social health of the villagers and to remove misconceptions about COVID -19. Covid 19- Awareness board was put up in the front area of Gram Panchayat office. The campaign One house one food box was implemented to provide meals to the outstation labourers in Parbhani city. Maharashtra COVID-19 REPORT_out.pdf
55 Hindustan Institute Of Technology And Science, Kancheepuram (Id: U-0454) HITS has designed and facbricated 5 robos to help the doctors in this crisis ( CSR sponsor – Renault Nissan) Tamil Nadu U-0454-converted.pdf
56 Jamia Hamdard(U-0107) Contributed Rs. 25 lakhs to the PM and CM relief fund to support the fight against Covid-19; distribution of Food Packets; organised awareness event; webinar to educate students about Covid-19 amid nationwide lockdown; Cover tracker: Android app developed; Meal to Heal campaign by student. National Capital Territory of Delhi Jamia Hamdard (U-0107) Covid-19 Report.pdf
57 Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak (Id: U-0290) (A) Online linkup with the students and strategy formulations on a daily basis (B) using online platforms to spread awareness among masses (C) Created a dedicated whatsapp group for the farmers of five adopted villages for any kind of support including Pradhans/Sarpanchs, farmers, Scientists/Experts from KVK-Anuppur and NGOs (D) constant monitoring of the agricultural activities in the village through teleconferencing and video calls. Madhya Pradesh Covid-19 Activity Report-IGNTU.pdf
58 Bapatla College Of Pharmacy, Bapatla-522101(Cc-10) (Id: C-18167) Paintings and Video made by volunteers to bring out awareness on COVID-19; Donated Rs. 18 Lakhs to MLA and Deputy Speaker of AP, Shri K Raghupathi Garu; Distribution of Food and Groceries to daily wage workers and class-4 employees; Sharing of information through various WhatsApp groups Andhra Pradesh Corona Activities - AP (AISHE Code -18167).pdf
59 Ly. Khalsa College Jalandhar (Id: C-27849) Awareness about Govt. of India Apps related to COVID-19 through social media platforms, Visits to adopted villages to spread awareness to villagers for COVID-19 Punjab COVID 19 REPORT.pdf
60 Vishnu Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research (Id: C-19613) The work done by Vishnu Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, (C_19613) during COVID 19 crisis 1. Training in the manufacture of masks and Distribution of masks and sanitizers 2. Distribution of Dal and vegetables 3. Conducting awareness through sharing videos and pamphlets by whats up group 4. sharing videos in our website Telangana UBA-COVID Report-converted-compressed.pdf
61 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (NCI) In order to fight against Coronavirus Pandemic, IIT Delhi (National Coordinating Institute - Unnat Bharat Abhiyan) has been providing maximum support to the Government of India in this hard time. National Capital Territory of Delhi Activities by UBA - COVID 19.pdf
62 M.C.M.D.A.V.College For Women, Sector 36 A (Id: C-29377) As a measure to tackle the pandemic of COVID – 19, the UBA team members of Village Kajheri, with assistance of student volunteers created some video tutorials to educate the people about some combative steps to safeguard the residents against the virus. Chandigarh Kajheri COVID-19.pdf
63 M.C.M.D.A.V.College For Women, Sector 36 A (Id: C-29377) To spread awareness on COVID – 19 in the Badheri village, the UBA team members of MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh, assisted by their student volunteers, generated some powerful and informative online content to educate the village residents about the virus. Various online mediums like video tutorials, posters, charts etc. were opted by the team members to enable maximum outreach of their messages without physical proximity. Chandigarh Badheri COVID-19.pdf
64 Pune Zilha Shikshan Mandals Mamasaheb Mohol College Of Arts & Commerce, Erandwane, Paud Road, Pune 38 (Id: C-41473) Awareness Campaigns for Prevention against the Novel Corona Virus Maharashtra quote20200419085122.jpg
65 Pune Zilha Shikshan Mandals Mamasaheb Mohol College Of Arts & Commerce, Erandwane, Paud Road, Pune 38 (Id: C-41473) Mamasheb Mohol College,Paud Road,Pune-38. sanitizer machine in adopted village At Kule ,Tehsil-Mulshi,Dist -Pune Maharashtra uba kule.png
66 Miranda House (Id: C-6355) Miranda House UBA Cell initiative during Covid 19 lockdown Nct Of Delhi DURING THE LOCKDOWN.pdf
67 Institute Of Professional Excellence And Management, Ghaziabad (Id: C-46750) Spreading awareness on COVID-19 through social media platforms in adopted villages. Uttar Pradesh CamScanner 04-22-2020 23.47.02.pdf
68 Presidency College, No.33-2C, 33-2D, Kempapuara Hebbal, Bangalore-24 (Id: C-20686) Presidency Group of Institutions bangalore performed Initiatives during this Lockdown situation Karnataka UBA report 1.pdf
69 St. Aloysius Institute of Technology, Mandla Road, Jabalpur - 482001 (Id: C-36084) UBA SAIT CELL faculty members called and counselled more than 4000 school students of different villages about the pandemic COVID 19, its precautions and how to study during the lockdown period. Teacher support was also provided through Whatsapp and online teaching through various channels was also promoted simultaneously. Madhya Pradesh Counselling data2.pdf
70 Nitte Institute Of Technology, Bangalore (Id: C-1352) The UBA team of NMIT stretched hands to help and support, the needy people, An accredited social health activist (ASHA) workers, and the government to fight against hunger during COVID-19. Accordingly, the groceries were distributed in the village MUTHUR, belonging to Sidlaghatta Taluk of Chikballapur District adopted by the NMIT under the UBA, on April 15th, 2020. Karnataka Updated-UBA-COVID-Report-22-04-20.pdf
71 Ksr Institute For Engineering And Technology, Namakkal (Id: C-45295) As a part of UBA COVID-19 Relief work, KSR Institute For Engineering and Technology discussed with Block Development Officer and Panchayat president of our adopted villages about the availability of the food. Requirements were collected and food was provided to about 250 needy people in the presence and with help of Principal, UBA Staff, Ward members and other members of Devanankuruchi Panchayat. Tamil Nadu Covid-19 Relief Work-KSRIET C-45295.pdf
72 Matrusri Engineering College Corona virus crisis – In view of COVID-19, Sri. Dr. K. P. Srinivasa Rao, Chairman, Matrusri Education Society has donated Rs.15 lakhs to Telangana CM relief fund, the cheque is handed over to Sri. K. T . Rama Rao, Honble. Minister of IT, Government of Telangana. Telangana 15 lakhs to CM relief fund.pdf
73 GUJARAT VIDYAPITH Covid-19 works by MBA students at own villages Gujarat COVID-19 work.pdf
74 GUJARAT VIDYAPITH Covid-19 Awareness at adopted villages Gujarat Covid-19.pdf
75 Jis School Of Polytechnic Nadia (Id: S-10920) In order to fight against Coronavirus, a social awareness camp was organised by the UBA students of Jis School of Polytechnic in different markets of adopted villages. West Bengal 20200421_223501-COLLAGE.jpg
76 Shyam Lal College A Report on College's contribution during Covid-19 Crisis. Uttar Pradesh UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAAN COVID-converted (1).pdf
77 Cmr College Of Engineering & Technology (Id: C-19735) Extended support in adopted villages to combat COVID 19 Telangana CMR College of Engineering & Technology (C-19735)_COVID19_compressed.pdf
78 Don Bosco College, Juli, Itanagar (Id: C-16296) Don Bosco College (DBC), actively participated in spreading awareness regarding prevailing ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, among the people of Arunachal Pradesh in general and people of adopted villages viz., Richi, Daath, Hokka, Lower Chimpu and Jollang in particular. Posters were prepared to spread awareness regarding COVID-19 both in English and Hindi languages and were circulated through Social Media Platforms. Awareness Videos were also prepared both in Hindi and Local dialects stating about the precautions to be taken by people during this crisis. Arunachal Pradesh Report on COVID-19.pdf
79 Bon Secours College for Women, Vilar Bye pass Road, Thanjavur - 613 006. (Id: C-35782) UBA Student group created awareness, distributed meals and masks, kabasura kudineer and rations in adopted villages. Tamil Nadu COVID19-UBA2.0 REPORT.pdf
80 Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar (Id: U-0556) A sanitation program was carried out in the village Bahadarpur Jat by the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell Gurukula Kangri, Haridwar on 14 April 2020. The gram Pradhan Shri Vikas Kumar Ji was present all the time, and he himself was actively looking for the sanitation work. Dr. Suyash bhardwaj UBA Cell Coordinator helped the villagers to understand the need of lockdown and informed them to keep their face covered and wash hands many times in a day. Uttarakhand UBA GKVV april 14, 2020.pdf
81 Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sewapuri, Varanasi (Id: C-13673) Students of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Government Girls' Degree College, Sewapuri, Varanasi Uttar pradesh, who are associated with UBA are continuously working for creating awareness about Arogya setu App, Importance of lockdown, How to stay safe and other relate issues through whatsapp groups, video-audio messages. They are also making masks with old clothes etc. Uttar Pradesh UBA Initiatives for combating COVID 19.pdf
82 DESH BHAGAT UNIVERSITY (Id: U-0684) Fight against Covid-19 from Desh Bhagat University Punjab UBA Covid-19.pdf
83 Vijaya Engineering College (Id: C-19820) Distribution of Hand sanitizers, hypchlorite liquid and other nece4ssary items during lockdown Telangana VEC-REPORT-new_compressed (2).pdf
84 G.S. Science , Arts And Commerce College , Khamgaon (Id: C-42995) Spread awareness on prevention from Coronavirus and COVID-19 through social media platforms. Connected villagers through WhatsApp groups. Maharashtra UBA Short Report COVID19.pdf
85 Malnad College Of Engineering, Hassan (Id: C-1300) Design and Development of WEB based application to monitor COVID-19 persons under home quarantine Karnataka Design & Development of web based applicaton for monitorring covid 19 persons.pdf
86 Shree Hanuman Vyayam Prsarak Mandal's College of Engineering & Technology, Amravati Available facilities at KVKs must know to the farmers, so that they can take the advantages of it under our guidance and support. News headlines flash by Kendras from time to time. This information on KVK’s website or through this group, all useful information make available for the farmers of adopted villages. We have adopted 5 villages namely: Pimpalgaon Bainai, Dabha, Kavithe Kadu, Dawargaon and Dhamori of different Tahesil of Amravati District. Some of data available on KVK Maharashtra 500 Word message on covid-19 final.pdf
87 B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute of Science & Technology (Id: U-0445) Awareness about Coronavirus and Preventive measures to the people of Kattur Village. The UBA Team visited Kattur Village on 14.02.2020 and the students went to all the homes of the village and talked about the preventive measures against the COVID-19. Tamil Nadu UBA_Corona.pdf
88 Sir C.V. Raman Institute Of Technology & Sciences, Tadipatri, College Name: Sir C.V.Raman Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tadipatri. AISHE Code:26920 Corona Virus Crisis - As a part, our Chairman Mr. B.V Baskara Reddy handed over donation Rs 50,000(Fifty Thousand) to Sri A. Sreenivasulu, DSP of Tadipatri. Andhra Pradesh AISHE - 26920.jpg
89 Sir C.V. Raman Institute Of Technology & Sciences, Tadipatri, Corona Virus Crisis - As a part, Our Chairman and Staff distributed vegetables and eggs to the people in adopted villages. Andhra Pradesh AISHE - 26920 - 5.jpg
90 Sir C.V. Raman Institute Of Technology & Sciences, Tadipatri, Chairman Mr. B.V Baskara Reddy & Mrs. B Preveen, Secretary of Sir C.V.Raman Institute of Technology and Sciencesk, donated Rs 1,00,000 (One lakh rupees) to AP CM Relief Fund. Andhra Pradesh 1 lakh to CM relief fund.jpg
91 KKR&KSR Institute of Technology & Sciences, VINJANAMPADU Village (CC-JR) (Id: C-18118) The college contributed one month groceries (all required including rice) to SVMM Orphanage and Old Age Home, Guntur. 60 people were benefitted from this contribution. Food and water distribution to other 800 people in and around the Guntur city and police department people was also done. ANDHRA PRADESH UBA Covid-19 report_C18118.pdf
92 Maharaja Institute Of Technology Thandavapura (Id:C-61986) THE MAHARAJA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY THANDAVAPURA has sponsored and distributed 2000 foods for needy people in and around Mysore on Saturday and Sunday. Karnataka COVID19.pdf
93 College of Engineering Pathanapuram The delivery of kits of foods essential to the poor in the tribal colony of adopted villages and orphanage. The members of UBA cell act as volunteers to the needy in the villages. We make arrangements to get treatment for the Cancer patients during the lockdown in association with Jeevanam Cancer Center. Displayed awareness banners to the public by means of WhatsApp, TikTok and other digital platforms. Created WhatsApp group for the members of adopted villages for providing handholding to the farmers. Kerala REPORT COVID 19 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PATHANAPURAM..pdf
94 P E S College Of Engineering, Mandya (Id: C-1345) The college handed over 5 liters of hand sanitizer, 500 bio soap for hand sanitizer, 50 liters hand washing liquid to the Mandy district magistrate. Around 200 bio soap was given to South Canara Deputy Conservative forest which was distributed to their staff to use as hand sanitizer. Karnataka IMG_20200404_082440.jpg
95 Bapatla College Of Pharmacy, Bapatla-522101(Cc-10) (Id: C-18167) Distribution of Food to the needy and poor people in the crisis of COVID-19 (AISHE CODE C-18167) Andhra Pradesh Food Distribution.pdf
96 Kcg College Of Technology (Id: C-16611) KCG College of Technology has developed an automatic, hand-held and affordable ventilation unit to support the Government combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Food distribution and awareness videos were also done. Tamil Nadu C16611-COVIDFight.pdf
97 Jodhpur Institute Of Engineering & Technology (Id: C-25254) An Automated Sanitizing Machine has been developed Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology to fight against COVID-19 and deployed at Jodhpur Nagar Nigam for usage in this time of need. This machine comprises of an automated sensor based chamber which is capable of sanitizing a person from head to toe in a flash, it does this job just in 6 to 8 seconds. Rajasthan IMG-20200410-WA0044.jpg
98 Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli - 620 020. (Id: C-35832) COUNSELLING PROGRAMME FOR GOVERNMENT ISOLATED NEGATIVES OF COVID-19 Tamil Nadu Counselling Programme COVID-19.pdf
99 Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli - 620 020. (Id: C-35832) COVID-19 RELIEF PROGRAMME Tamil Nadu COVID-19.pdf
100 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (NCI) Activities done by NCI IIT Delhi for Preventing Spread of Coronavirus - Guidelines for Safe disposal of Face mask National Capital Territory of Delhi disposal.pdf