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List of technology development projects

S.No. Project Title Presentation Proposal Report
1. Distribution of Portable, Improved Biomass cooking stove in adopted villages View View
2. Extractor for eucalyptus oil View View
3. Development of integrated Multi size and multi item semiautomatic papad and chapatti making machine View View
4. Implementation of Biogas Plants with gas distribution to house holds View View
5. Implementation of Biogas Plants with gas distribution to house holds View View
6. Mobile Hydraulic Lift View View
7. Universal Load Carrier Trolley View View
8. Food grade plate making machine View View
9. Coconut Leaf Broom Making Machine View View
10. Solar Coconut Drier View View
11. Nanoformulations for Selected Mosquito Larvae Vector Control in Venkatapuram Village View View
12. Mobile Based On /off Controller For 3 Phase Motor View View
13. Development of Digital Class rooms View View
14. Development of Digital Class rooms View View
15. Balaswecha, A Virtual Lab OS View View
16. Innovative technology to control moisture of fresh harvested soybean View View
17. AGRO-AUTOMATION (unmanned farming) / IoT View View
18. AGRO – an app for helping farmers View View
19. Subsurface Drip Irrigation & conservation Agriculture in Himachal Pradesh View View
20. Biotechnological enhancement of flood affected soil microbiome by the employment of microbila consortium View View
21. Enabling villages to have access to global market through an e-commerce app View View
22. Bio conversion of Fish Waste to liquid fertilizer View View
23. Environment Controlled, Automated Green House for High Valued Aggro Produce in Vidarbha Region View View
24. Provision of better health conditions – A mobile App View View
25. Gram Vyaapaar App - Digital Marketing in Rural Area View View
26. Rural Non-Invasive Primary Health Kiosk View View
27. AI enabled multilingual voice Bot for creating Awareness to Dispensing Maternal and Child Care through Interactive Voice Response System for Rural Women View View
28. Smart Compost Bin View View
29. Lake Resortation View View
30. Restoration of ponds & water tanks/Providing potable drinking water View View
31. Smart Dustbin View View

List of technology customization projects

S.No. Project Title Presentation Proposal Report
1. Low cost sewage treatment plant in Hazarwadi View View
2. Recycle of Ritual Waste Materials to Incense Sticks- An Eco-friendly Approach for Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship Development View View
3. Modification of Drinking Water Borewell Recharge Pit View View
4. Low cost bait trap for the management of fruit fly in tomato and other crops View View
5. Maintenance of the 13 solar street lights installed in Kodhavadi village View View
6. Bar Bending and Masonry View View
7. Motorized paper Creasing Machine View View
8. Science On Wheels”: A Mobile Science Laboratory - An Initiative To Kindle The Rural Pupil To Develop Curiosity In Science And Propagate Scientific Temper View View
9. Gyansabha in First village in phase one View View
10. Gyansabha in Second village in phase one View View