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Episode#4 Lifestyle For Environment Living Udaharan With Aditi Deodhar Ji

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Episode#4 Lifestyle For Environment- Living Udaharan With Aditi Deodhar Ji


Greetings from Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA), a flagship program of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, National Coordinating Institute, IIT Delhi. 

Dialogue with Living Udarahans of LiFE is one of the engagement program activities under Civil Society 20 (C20), Unnat Bharat Abhiyan will play a significant role alongside YOJAK,Civil-20 is one of the Engagement groups of the G20 process. The purpose of Civil20 (C20) is to bring together voices, ideas and solutions from civil societies across the Globe. The C20 group leverages the diverse spectrum of our society and is expected to channelize the G20 process towards being inclusive, people-centric, democratic and better informed. For the past few years, Bharat has been highlighting ‘Lifestyleʼ as one of the issues requiring global discussion. Lifestyle for Environment is one of the important discussion themes in all three tracks of the G20 process.  The C20 in Bharat has created 14 working groups covering various aspects that civil societies work on. LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) has been identified as one of the significant working groups. 

Episode#4|| Date: 12-05-2023 || 03:30 PM

Link:  https://tinyurl.com/C20LiFEUBA4
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About the Speaker: Aditi Deodhar holds a post-graduate degree in Mathematics and has worked in the IT industry for six years, gaining valuable experience in analysis and automation. She then worked as a software consultant for an NGO involved in Watershed Development. Aditi acted as a liaison between the domain experts and the IT team, developing tools and software. During her work, she visited villages to gain a better understanding of the ground realities.In 2012-13, Aditi completed her post-graduate diploma in Natural Resources Conservation and Management from Ecological Society, Pune. This course opened her eyes to the world around her and taught her about the connectedness in nature. Aditi was bothered by the sight of a polluted river in her city and the burning of dry leaves around her. As a result, she founded the Jeevitnadi – Living River Foundation, where she is one of the founder-directors.Aditi noticed that people burn dry leaves as they have no alternative. So she tried to stop people from burning them by instructing the lady who sweeps her building premises not to burn the leaves. However, she realized that simply telling people not to burn leaves is not sufficient, and they need an alternative.In a desperate attempt to find a solution, Aditi sent a message on WhatsApp groups. Sujata Naphade, a lady who cultivates vegetables on her plot, replied to her message. Sujata promised to take away every single leaf that Aditi's tree shed. Aditi visited Sujata's garden and discovered how useful dry leaves are. She talked to many other people like Sujata and realized that gardeners in cities are in constant need of dry leaves.Aditi had an idea to connect people who have dry leaves with people who need them. She created a free website and a Facebook page called the Brown Leaf forum, which enabled the exchange of around 50,000 bags of dry leaves. The forum has now become a collaborative community where people also share seeds, saplings, ideas, and advice.
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