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Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh): Mobile App for Kidney Patients in Pathavaraka Village

The research team of the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University (Srikakulam) visited Pathavarakha village which is in Uddanam and interacted with the elders of the village and observed the situations in and around the village under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan programme. It’s a village in Kaviti Mandal (Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh). The village’s local language is Telugu and has a population of 4110 with 548 houses. The majority of the population of this village consists of backward classes and scheduled castes with a few upper caste households.


Major occupation of the village is farming with most of the households having less than 1.5 acres of agricultural land. The farmers here grow coconut trees and palm trees, the nearby mandal of palasa is witnessing a huge destruction in the form of cashew nut crop loss. Palasa is quite popular for its cashew nuts among other mandals of mandasa, sompete and kotabommali.

Problems Identified

  • During the survey it was found that in this village, 43.5 percent of the population is being affected by Kidney diseases. Most affected people are farmers and agricultural workers, who work on a daily basis and their annual income is below ₹30,000. According to the  World Health Organization, this is one of the three regions in the world with the highest concentration of chronic kidney disease after Sri Lanka and Nicaragua. The WHO recognizes Uddanam as one of the key areas in the world that has long-term kidney problems.
  • This region doesn’t have any rivers flowing by, so they depend only on rain water for all agricultural purposes.
  • Open defecation is a major problem in the village. Still the villagers defecate in the open on the three roads leading to the village.
  • Drainage is another problem as it is an open system with frequent jamming. The village does not have a proper solid waste management system.


  • Through the questioner prevalence, symptoms and clinical data of the patients suffering from kidney diseases were collected and patients’ health condition is now monitored regularly thereby reducing fatalities.
  • Safe drinking water provided and encouraged villagers to take nutritious food.
  • Conducted a survey on the socio-economic conditions of the people at Pathavaraka village.
  • Developed a Mobile App to bridge the gap between patients suffering from kidney diseases and health-service providers in Pathavaraka and Jagathy Village.
  • Provided information on how to download and install the mobile app through web page https://gonative.io/share/kkykaq.
  • Created awareness among people of Pathavaraka on kidney diseases and their preventive measures.
  • Integration of patients/attendants with doctors, Paramedical staff, Pharmacists and subject experts through one app.
  • Prepared a plan on how to reach proper medical assistance and support in all aspects to be given to the affected people.

  The R.O. plant was constructed (left); Explained the use of Technology through Mobile App to help the worst affected kidney patients in Pathavaraka village of KAVITI Mandal in Uddanam (right). Impact

  • Through this mobile app, we are collecting the Kidney patient’s medical data i.e the previous history of the patient, medical test reports, what medicines are given by the doctor and the review date of the patient.
  • Using this mobile App, doctors can able to look into the patient’s past health history that will very much helpful to the patient for better treatment.
  • The pharmacists can send an alert message to the patients inviting them to take medicine from the hospital. Similarly, the doctor can see into the patient’s medical test reports through this App.
  • This app helps linkup doctor, patient, Pharmacist, lab assistant and PHC assistant for the benefit of patients. It will also help the patient disease condition and emergency attendance of the doctor.