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HVPM College of Engineering and Technology (Amravati): Environment Controlled Automated GreenHouse For High Valued Agro Produce In Vidarbha Region

Under the UBA program, HVPM College of Engineering and Technology has adopted five villages in Amravati District - KavithaBoob, Dhamori, Dhaba, Pimpalgaon Bainai, Dawargaon. where following major & common problems of villagers were identified -


  1. Poor infrastructure and poor quality of primary education.
  2. Lack of awareness regarding govt. policies & schemes.
  3. No waste management.
  4. The very poor economy of farmers due to lack of irrigation Facility & natural rainfall.

They provided solutions for all villages. In village Dabha, UBA cell at HVPM College developed Environment controlled Automated Greenhouse for high valued agro produce in the Vidarbha region, also developing Twin Toilets for Sanitation and solid-liquid waste management from individual usage in rural areas for Pimpalgaon Banai.


  1. The project has been successfully completed.
  2. Successfully developed Environment controlled automated greenhouse with an embedded system in Village Dabha. Farmers were trained to perform advanced farming with a good economy. This project is an ultimate solution to produce agro products such as strawberries, peas, squash, cherry and litchi which never have been cultivated before in the Vidarbha region.
  3. It is proven now that a very tasty, colourful, juicy, dense and good quality strawberry production is possible with automated environment controlled greenhouse in the Vidarbha region.
  4. This project is a role model for all the farmers in the Vidarbha region to take such kind of initiative to cultivate high-value agro produce independent of natural environmental calamities.
  5. A good awareness & publicity of the UBA program among the stakeholders like farmers, academicians, technocrats due to visit the project at village Dabha & seminars on the project topic. Due to proper water management & conservation, the message is passed, “Farming is Profitable”.
  6. The project was highly appreciated by Padmabhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.

Project Outcomes

Students achieved first prize in Annual National Project Competition-2019 for SGBAU Startup Fest & received the grant of ₹300000. They targeted to make poor farmers rich and rich farmers to richer and they started their own company. Farmer gained 3,00,000 from one yield of strawberries.

  1. This project is nothing but a one-time investment and an all-time gain.
  2. The Farmers in the Vidarbha region can now improve their economy by cultivating fruits like strawberries, peas, squash, cherry and litchi.
  3. The local market of the Vidarbha region now gets fresh strawberries at lesser prices.
  4. During the inaugural ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor of SGB Amravati University declared that the same GreenHouse of 1 acre to be implemented in Chikhaldara.
  5. Development and use of technology for rural development.
  6. Independent of non-renewable electricity and rainfall.
  7. It does not require any human intervention; Complete Greenhouse will be fully automated.
  8. Established the company “Agrotech services & counseling India Pvt. by UBA students.
  9. Got the work order of Rs. 5,00,000/- from district collector Amravati.

All the functions to be performed by the Fan, dripping, Sprinkler and flipping of roof of inner layer poly greenhouse to control the climatic conditions like temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture Levels and CO2 in the Greenhouse environment are all maintained as per the requirement of proposed high Valued fruits. Will strengthen the economy in rural areas which will ultimately help to develop the economy of India.

Environment controlled Automated Green House for Production of Strawberries which has never been cultivated in Vidarbha Region before. Strawberry produced after installing automated greenhouse