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Indo Global College of Management and Technology (Punjab): Universal Load Carrier Trolley & Mobile Hydraulic Lift

To encourage rural industrialization with innovation, Indo Global College of Management and Technology (Mohali, Punjab) created two user-friendly machines -  Universal Load Carrier Trolley & Mobile Trolley Lift. These two machines have been made to address two major problems for the people in its adopted village Abhipur -

1.Problem Identified

To carry/transport any heavy load from one place to another at low-price as transportation on petrol/diesel driven vehicles adds to the price of their harvested crops and there is no nearby option for fuel refilling.

Solution Provided: Universal Load Carrier Trolley

Universal Load Carrier Trolley has been designed by the institute as a low cost electrically-propelled load-carrying trolley solution for villagers that can effectively handle any load up to 600 Kg in one time. Universal load carrier trolley is silent & eco-friendly which is a very important outcome of this project. This user-friendly trolley with a platform of size 2.5’X5’, provides a way of transportation of agriculture materials, raw materials, various crops, construction material, other heavy equipment, and items from one location to another location or transfer of scrap to dumping yard.

As there are no nearby availability or access to the fuel station/petrol pumps, the rural population of this village required some reliable and economical means of transportation for material transportation, for which this Universal Load Carrier Trolley has been developed.

Universal load carrier trolley being used by villagers for carrying various goods across the village farms

2.Problem Identified

To carry out installation, repair & maintenance work in the village street lights(s) through a mechanised vehicle.

Solution provided: Mobile Hydraulic Lifts

Mobile Hydraulic Lifts have been developed under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan program at the institute which provides low cost self-propelled hydraulic lift solution to carry out installation, repair & maintenance work in villages which includes installation & repair of street lights, sheds, construction & painting jobs or to undertake any other repair & maintenance work up to a height of 20 feet. This mobile hydraulic lift is helping villagers in carrying out various daily life operations like frequent cleaning and inspection of solar street lightning system.

Although, this job can be performed by a layman, but the most difficult part is to reach the installed units efficiently. The conventional ladders cannot make grip against the round poles, or otherwise cannot able to reach at the extended arms of the pole where the solar lighting units are installed. The only option is to employ professional lifts which are highly expensive and cannot be easily procured. In such cases, Mobile Hydraulic Lift developed by our institute can carry out installation, repair & maintenance work of solar street lightning system. This lift is movable and capable to lift two persons with a load capacity of 200 kgs. Owing to self driven mechanism, it can be taken anywhere very conveniently at 30 Km/hr for carrying out installation, repair & maintenance work in villages. Moreover, this project provided learning outcome for students during design, development, procurement of material, assembly, testing and validation, implementation phase. This project has overall updated skills, knowledge & research, innovation of students.

 Mobile Hydraulic Lifts developed for villages being used for roof corrections, solar lighting maintenance, and fruit collection and maintenance of trees.