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Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University (Jaipur): Mission Integration

KKHA Arts, SMGL Commerce, and SPH Jain Science College have adopted five villages - Rajdervadi, Jopul, Nimgavhan, Magarul and Nandurtek under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan program. The students and faculty team of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan conducted a survey in Rajdevadi, Jopul, Nimgavhan, and Mangrul to understand the needs of the villagers, their problems and how much they are aware of the various Government schemes that can benefit them. The report was submitted to the GramSevak and Sarpanch, where they came to know about which schemes are needed in the village and the status of previous schemes implemented in the villages.

 1. Economic Upliftment of People using Technology (Rajdervadi Village) Problem Analysis After the demonetization, farmers were facing problems while selling agricultural products in the markets. To cater to this problem, the UBA team trained villagers for the use of e-wallets and bank accounts through smartphones and various features of mobile phones too. Major Impact

  • Villagers can now easily do trading digitally on a regular basis and with more security.
  • Fast transactions were possible.

Students conducting village survey and creating awareness on technology and government schemes

2. Technology Reach to Village Students

Problem Analysis As these villages are not-so-well connected to the cities, it was observed that the newly updated technologies get time to reach these villages. As a result, village students lack skills for the optimal utilization of computers. Work done Seeing this, the college students in the UBA team helped village school students in learning basic features of the computer in various fields such as the use of Paint and MS Office in an interesting way to increase their curiosity towards technology. Major Impact

  • The school students showed interest in learning computers.
  • They now easily make use of computers for basic operations.

3.Medical Check-up Camp

Problem Analysis It was observed that the villagers depend on medicines made from forest herbs and local trees which take time to cure the disease and sometimes didn’t work. This is due to long-distance and less connectivity to urban areas.  Work done After analyzing the problem, the college’s UBA team organized a Medical Check-up Camp in which students were checked for BMI, fever, eyes/ears, physical injuries & other medical problems. The counseling of students regarding medical treatment was also done. College also provided free medicines to the needy students. Major Impact

  • Students became aware of the symptoms of various commonly-spread diseases.
  • During counseling, students promised to keep their village premises clean and healthy.

4. Water Management Student repaired Road (Basic amenities) (left); College students helping villagers to construct check dam at Rajdervadi (right)   To increase the irrigated area, watershed development was undertaken by providing the core wall by digging the puddle punch trench up to the level of hard rock. It was a cost-effective solution and it was as effective as a cement check dam. Also for ‘Jalyukt Shivar’ scheme college students build a dam with the help of sandbags on the brook of the village.

 5. Environment and Tree Plantation

Tree plantation was done in different places in the villages which helped to increase forestry. Nearly 400 trees were planted in the village on school premises, near government offices and on both sides of the roads. Tree Plantation at Rajdervadi (left); Tree Plantation by UBA team (right)

6.Organic Farming

To increase the organic farming culture in the villages, the college’s UBA team organized awareness rally and reached every household in Rajdervadi, Jopul, Nimgavhan, Mangrul, and Nadurtek Village.