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Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy (Telangana): Garbage Auto Hopper & Medical Health Camp

Committed to Unnat Bharat Abhiyan since 2017, Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy has adopted a cluster of 5 villages - Peddashapur, Cherlaguda, Munchital, Madanpalli, Gachibavaoli Tanda of Shamshabad Mandal, Rangareddy District. The students and UBA coordinator of Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy conducted a thorough survey in these villages and organized Gram Panchayats to identify the problems or issues for immediate interventions. After the problem assessment, possible interventions were implemented accordingly in these villages.

Cluster Problems Identified

1) Problem Statement: Waste Disposal

The primary challenge observed during the visit is regarding waste disposal. People in the village are spoiling fresh ground by dumping dry and wet waste together. Plastic lurks are also found in every nook and corner which need practical and handy solutions.

Solutions provided -

i) Household campaigning on cleanliness and hygiene.

ii) Skit for plastic-free village

iii) Campaigning for plastic-free village

iv) Awareness on disease-related to plastic use.

v) Garbage Auto Hopper

Garbage Auto Hopper

The institution requested a sponsor who donated Garbage Auto Hopper to collect wet and dry waste separately to direct it into a container or refuse collectors. The capacity of the Auto Remover is 1.0 CuMtrs to 2.5 CuMtrs (Volumetric Cap. Hopper). The dumping height from the ground is 1000 mm/1200 mm which facilitates faster operation.

Outcome: Waste Segregation

As garbage auto hopper can easily move in narrow lanes it provides complete area coverage which leads to total hygiene. The segregation and dumping into the separate container speed up the waste management process.

2) Problem Statement: Women Health and Hygiene,

The most common problem observed in these villages is improper personal hygiene affecting health and impacting the lives around them. Lack of primary health centers, non-accessible medical facilities and poor knowledge of diseases and health-related issues predominantly affect the population, more so in women.

Solution Provided: Medical Health Camp

The camp emphasized on personal health and hygiene in women. Villagers enthusiastically

participated in the health camps and hygiene awareness programs. Health awareness sessions include -

i) Sanitation Programmes

ii) Family planning (visual & audio aids)

iii) Group counseling (thyroid disorder, ovarian and uterine disease).

iv) Interactive session (early signs, diagnosis, treatment)

Outcome: Improved Quality of Life

Personal counseling promotes the benefits of good hygiene. The women actively participated and clarified their doubts. These activities helped women to acquire knowledge on personal female hygiene to feel good, stay clean and healthy.

Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy, Garbage Auto Hopper, Medical Health Camp, Waste Disposal, Waste Segregation Medical Health Camp





  • During the survey conducted by the UBA volunteers of Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy, people of the village have expressed a ray of hope through the activity conducted.
  • They have taken up the initiative to resolve the issues, for the betterment of society.




  • A cleaner environment and reuse of waste.
  • Public awareness and Participation in Health Camp.


More such activities are planned for the involvement of students in uplifting the adopted villages under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.